New Year, New Location, New Classes starting FEBRUARY 4th!

2018 was a big year of expansion for BIRTHFIT Cleveland, my chiropractic office, Cleveland Chiropractic and Integrative Health Center, AND my family! We celebrated our son’s first birthday at the end of December and got the keys to our N E W space a few weeks later! The space is so. much. bigger and has a beautiful view of the creek! If you are from the area, there’s a good chance you have been to the restaurant Creekside (if not, you have probably heard of it!). We are on the lower level of that building, in the space formerly occupied by Suburban Physical Therapy. There are still some improvements that will be happening the first few months we are there- so bear with us!

While we have been busy painting, packing, searching for new furniture, but our classes have not stopped! We have a few new classes and workshops that I am so excited to offer this year. Dr. Emily is teaching Prenatal Foundations and Postpartum Movement and Fitness at her office in Lakewood. She has a series going right now and will offer both again in March! (yay!).

Next month at the new office in Brecksville, I will be teaching BIRTHFIT Prenatal Foundations, BIRTHFIT Pospartum Series, BIRTHFIT Fitness, and a Prenatal Fitness Workshop! Registration is available online for all of these! I would love to share space with you. So what’s the deal with all of these and who are they for? BIRTHFIT Prenatal Foundations is for someone who is starting up a fitness routine or wants to make changes to her fitness routine now that she is pregnant (or hoping to become pregnant). This class is for women who are TTC or pregnant. This class can be repeated or taken as a “pre-req” to BIRTHFIT Fitness. BIRTHFIT Fitness is a mixed prenatal + postpartum class. This is ideal for someone who already have a background in BIRTHFIT’s Functional Progressions. BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series is for mamas who are <1 year postpartum. Non-mobile babies are welcome to this class! The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Fitness Workshop is for someone who is looking to make modifications to her current fitness routine to be more effective for her pregnancy while preparing for labor and birth.

What’s coming next? A little teaser for you, we will be offering a BIRTHFIT Women’s Strength + Conditioning Class and BIRTHFIT Mommy + Me Class in the next few months!

New address: 8803 Brecksville Rd., Suite #13 Brecksville, OH 44141. We have our own parking behind the building! Same phone number, websites, and email addresses ;)